Wednesday, August 16, 2006

First Impressions

It took less than a day - and I am seriously hooked.

Between the edit on the fly, the improved Compose mode in blog edit, the ability to make blog layout changes without having to edit the template, and the ability to shift between
  • Blog viewing
  • Blog selection (Dashboard view)
  • Blog editing (Customise view)
without effort, I'm seriously in danger of forgetting HTML coding.

And, as I said in the above article
How many folks are going to be asking
How do I hide the Navbar?
now? Not me, anyway.
I just made a pair of forward - backward links.
  • Typed the above text.
  • Went to Customize - Dashboard, selected the other blog Googolians - The Blog.
  • Found the post of interest.
  • Copied the permalink for the post.
  • Came back here.
  • Added the link to the text above.
  • Published it.
  • Went to View mode in this blog.
  • Copied the permalink for this post
  • Followed the link just added.
  • Went to View mode in the other blog.
  • Went to Update mode in that blog.
  • Added the link to this post.
  • Published that.
  • Back to this blog, and to View mode.
  • Tested the forward and backwards links. Guess what? They work.
It took me longer to type this list (and to edit it with the right details), than to do the work described.

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